Battle Skies

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Battle Skies 3D combat

Battle Skies uses an unique combination of stacking tiles and tilt blocks to simulate the 3D aspects of the game. Fly, Fight, Win.

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Battle Skies Expansion

Final Sword Productions has plans for expansions for Battle Skies. These expansions will introduce new flying creatures, rules, attacks and much more.

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Battle Skies Scenarios

Battle Skies will be releasing scenarios for the game. These scenarios will be small game ideas that the players must play through and complete.

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Special Releases

Once a year there will be a limited release of a new creature. These special releases will only be available from Final Sword Productions at conventions.



Final Sword Productions will be announcing conventions, tournments, and upcoming products here.




  • CoreCon Fargo, ND June 12th-15th 1st Battle Skies Tournment