Battle Skies

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Battle Skies 3D combat

Battle Skies uses an unique combination of stacking tiles and tilt blocks to simulate the 3D aspects of the game. Fly, Fight, Win.

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Battle Skies Expansion

Final Sword Productions has plans for expansions for Battle Skies. These expansions will introduce new flying creatures, rules, attacks and much more.

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Battle Skies Scenarios

Battle Skies will be releasing scenarios for the game. These scenarios will be small game ideas that the players must play through and complete.

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Special Releases

Once a year there will be a limited release of a new creature. These special releases will only be available from Final Sword Productions at conventions.


About Final Sword Productions

Final Sword Productions is a mixed small press publishing and RPG company. Focusing on table top roleplaying games and genre books the companies two imprints - Ad Astra Games and Under the Moon publishing - provide a mixed variety for genre readers and game geeks.

Our games vary from 3d table top space and air combat games using the Origin's Award winning system designed by Ken Burnside, to D6 table top roleplaying games, and genre fiction.

Final Sword Productions and its fiction imprint Under the Moon are both currently open for submissions.


About Cliff Stornel

Cliff Stornel is an Author and Game Designer out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He spends his time writing away on his laptop, setting up play tests and designing board pieces. His loving family is very supporting of his work and does their best to ignore the laptop that he is slaving away on all the time. Cliff enjoys spending his limited free time geocaching with friends and family. Last year he ran his first 5k in the Fargo Color me Rad run. This is his second project for Final Sword Productions and he has treasured the experience and looks forward to a long and prosperous relationship for both sides. This project was brought to you by the letter P for popcorn and the many bowls he ate while designing this game and the number 3592 for the numbers of bowls eaten (and like most stats you see this number is totally made up).